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11 January 2021

Irish Sacred Wells Walking Tours

25 February 2015

Derrybawn Woodland Trail (Orange Route)

This walks starts with a steep climbing up beside the Polanass Waterfall before turn left and gaining a high forest […]
21 April 2016

Avonmore Way

25 February 2015

Glendalough Woodland Road (Silver Route)

This is a pleasant walk through one of the more secretive areas of Glendalough. It weaves through mixed woodlands into […]
25 February 2015

Glendalough Spinc and Glenealo Valley Walk (White Route)

The Spinc ridge overlooks the spectacular Glendalough Valley. A tough climb is rewarded with breathtaking views not just of the […]
25 February 2015

Glendalough Poulanass Walk (Pink Route)

  The steep climb up along the Poulanass Waterfall is worth the effort. The name Poulanass is taken from the […]
25 February 2015

Glendalough Hermitage

25 February 2015

Glendalough Green Road Walk

An easy stroll along the valley floor brings you to the Lower Lake. As you ramble along the Green Road […]
25 February 2015

Poulanass and St. Kevin’s Cell Walk