Heritage Sites & Local Attractions

25 February 2015

Hollywood, County Wicklow and Hollywood, California

Foreign tourists who stumble on Hollywood in the course of their travels can often be seen posing for photographs in […]
25 February 2015

Arklow South Beach & Wind Farm

16 February 2018

West Wicklow Heritage Trail

11 November 2016

Glendalough Upper Lake

25 February 2015

Glenview Woodlands Walk

Our woodlands walk takes you into the heart of the Glen, past babbling brooks and mature trees, where you can […]
25 February 2015

Church Mountain Passage Tomb and Church

About 6 km south of Hollywood on the summit of Church Mountain is a circular cairn of stones, probably the […]
25 February 2015

Glendalough Visitor Centre

22 June 2016

Old Military Road

22 October 2015

Brittas Bay Heritage Trail & St Patrick’s Landing – Ireland’s Ancient East