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Stunning Timelapse and Drone Footage of Wicklow

Stunning Timelapse and Drone Footage of Wicklow

Watch stunning Wicklow video with amazing timelapse and drove footage.  The video was shot by Bernard Geraghty

“I live in kildare and being so close to wicklow and having a fondness for the mountains, myself and wicklow was always going to be a match made in heaven… i hiked my first mountain when I was 12 (Tongalee) and ever since Wicklow has been my ‘go to’ place…  after suffering mild depression and losing interest in hiking etc… i made it my business to shake it and get back up the hills and since then a little “pick me up walk” has now turned into me having the motivation to climb morning, noon and night and also given me the encouragement to set up the company ‘Bernard Geraghty Landscape Tours’”
Featured on the video are:

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