Director: Charles Sturridge Starring: Peter O’Toole, Samantha Morton, John Lynch, Peter Dinklage, Jonathan Mason and Hester Odgers. IFTA award winning Plot: Life is hard for Yorkshire miner’s son Joe Carraclough, who is beaten at school by his teacher. His only consolation is his border collie Lassie. But things get worse when the local mine is decommissioned, his father, Sam, is forced to sell the dog to the duke, who owns the local estate. The Duke’s servant, Hynes, scares Lassie, who keeps running home. The Carracloughs have to keep returning her, until the Duke moves to the Scottish Highlands for the holiday season. Lassie escapes, embarking on a desperate journey home. Lassie is pursued by daunting Glasgow dogcatchers and taken in by a circus performer. It looks like a miracle is needed to get Lassie home. Locations: Locations that were used include Killruddery House and Gardens as the Duke’s estate. Luggala Estate, Roundwood and the surrounding Wicklow Mountains were used for a lot of the aerial footage and scenic shots when Lassie tries to find her way home.

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