Celtic Routes Project to Boost Tourism Links Between Ireland and Wales


An exciting international project which brings together local authorities in Wicklow, Wexford and Waterford with colleagues in Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion in Wales was launched today (Tuesday).

The Celtic Routes project aims to encourage visitors to explore new areas of South East Ireland and West Wales en route to their final tourist destination.

It hopes to transform less well-known areas from transit zones to new touring sites, increasing the time visitors spend in these regions and capitalising on the opportunities to boost local economies.

The project – which was launched recently in Wales – has been developed through customer research, trade events and workshops as well as cross border visits by businesses in Ireland and Wales to bring together expertise and ideas.

The objective is to increase the visitor appeal of the targeted areas, including through the development of new trails linking local culture, heritage and the natural environment. The Celtic Routes project will run until December 2020.

On thanking the delegates for their attendance, Mr Frank Curran, Chief Executive, Wicklow County Council, said funding of €1.9m for the Celtic Routes project was provided under the European Territorial Co-Operation Programme – known as Interreg or the Ireland/Wales Fund.    This funding would not be affected by Brexit.

Irish Project Leader Oonagh Messette explains: “Our Promotional Campaign is targeted at Cultural Explorers, Active Families and Active Explorers. This covers the age range of 22 to well over 50.   The main markets we aim the campaign at are UK, USA, Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Holland.

Our main activities will focus on online promotion through Facebook and Instagram. We will also be targeting Airports & Ports and Print Media – specifically the Sunday Times Magazine, Explorer Magazine (National Geographic), Discover Britain, Cara In-Flight Magazine.

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