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Wake Up In Wicklow

“Wake up in one of Ireland’s true scenic treasures with magnificent hills and mountains, long sandy beaches, rivers and lakes.”

“Wake up in a place that offers hundreds of kilometers of walking trails and cycling routes, kayaking, surfing, sailing, horse-riding, and some of Ireland’s best golf courses.”

“Wake up in a place steeped in history illustrating 5000 years of Irish history, and at the heart of Ireland’s Ancient East”

“Wake up in a place where residents enjoy one of Ireland’s best lifestyle with unique local foods and flavours, wellness and craic.”

“Wake Up In Wicklow”


Wicklow Accommodation

Wicklow Accommodation

Browse the many hotels, self-catering, hostels, camping sites, option to enjoy a fantastic night and Wake Up In Wicklow

Wicklow Outdoors

wicklow-outdoorsCome to Wicklow and enjoy many fantastic activities such as Walking, Cycling, Equestrian, Surfing, Kayaking, Golf and others

Ireland's Ancient East


Wicklow is at the heart of Ireland’s Ancient East and is one of Ireland’s most scenic locations; offering  a journey through 5000 years of history with the stunning backdrop of the Wicklow Mountains and the Irish Sea.

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