Reign of Fire

Director: Rob Bowman Starring: Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey, Izabella Scorupco and Gerard Butler Plot: The film starts twenty years in the future and shows the planet devastated by vicious fire-breathing dragons. The last vestiges of humanity now struggle for survival in at remote outposts. In a ruined castle in the English countryside, Quinn is desperately trying to hold together a band of frightened, restless survivors. As a boy, Quinn watched his mother die protecting him from one of the beasts, and is still haunted by the memory. One day, a group of American rouges shows up, led by a brash, tough-guy named Van Zan. He claims to have discovered a way to kill the dragons once and for all, and enlists Quinn’s help. But doing so will force Quinn to confront his own frightening memories. This, and Quinn’s responsibilities to those that are under his protection, result in a battle of wills between the two men. In the end, events cause them both to realise that they must work together to defeat the monsters–both without and within. Locations: One of the main sets for Reign of Fire was a huge modern castle/fort that was built in the middle of the Wicklow Mountains, on top of some old lead mines. This is a very sensitive location, in the middle of the Wicklow Mountains National Park, and thus it was important to cover the site with a membrane before work commenced in order to facilitate the restoration of the site after filming was finished. Many of the aerial shots were taken over the Sally Gap and Wicklow Mountains. Ballinascorney Quarry near Blessington was also transformed for the film into a blackened looking waste ground with some vegetable patches. The Black Castle ruin and surrounding grounds, in Wicklow Town, were used as a graveyard. Ardmore studios hosted this film and it’s production offices. View King Arthur in a larger map

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