King Arthur

Directed: Antoine Fuqua Writer: David Franzoni Starring: Owen Wilson, Keira knightly, Ioan Gruffudd, Ray Winstone, and Mads Mikkelsen. Plot: The Roman Empire is stretched across many nations, including Britain. In their conquest for more land, the Romans went into Sarmatia where they fought the very brave Sarmatian cavalry. The Romans, impressed by the Sarmatian’s weaponry and fighting skills, included them into their army as knights. After 15 years of serving and fighting for the Roman Empire the Sarmatian Knights, lead by Arthur/Artorious Castus, are about to receive their freedom as the Romans are leaving Britain. But the Knights must carry out one final order before they are free. A Roman priest and his family, especially his son Alecto, must be rescued from the invading Saxons. But there is another danger lurking on the road to freedom – the Woads, British rebels who hate the Romans. Locations: A huge replica of Hadrian’s Wall, originally in Scotland, complete with Roman settlements was built in the area of Ballymore Eustace. Many of the battle scenes took place here. Other locations that were used include Hollywood Glen, which was covered with fake snow and ice, and this is where the frozen lake was. Powerscourt Estate was used extensively for the wooded scenes. Luggala Estate near Roundwood and Ardmore Studios were also used. Glenmalure and in particular Fraughan Rock Glen were used for a lot of the snow scenes and the travelling scenes. In Glenmalure the small village and the villa of the Roman family that needs to be rescued, were also built. Turlough Hill in the middle of the Wicklow Gap provides the backdrop of the opening scenes of the film. View King Arthur in a larger map

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