County Wicklow – The Hollywood of Europe

County Wicklow – The Hollywood of Europe, County Wicklow – The Hollywood of Europe

County Wicklow has long been a favourite with filmmakers. The County Wicklow Film Commission was set up in 1992 and is the longest running film commission in Ireland. Known as “The Hollywood of Europe”, Wicklow has attracted filmmakers since the time of the black and whites.

Wicklow is a county diverse in landscapes with a varied coastline of long sandy beaches, hidden coves and rugged cliffs. Dotted around the hills and mountains are a mix of traditional picturesque villages, like Enniskerry and Roundwood and more urban towns, such as Bray and Greystones. Wicklow and Arklow both have an attractive harbour, which support a fishing community.

In County Wicklow you will find a unique blend of classic country houses in large well-tended estates characterised by lovely gardens and rambling parkland and wild countryside. Known as the Garden of Ireland, County Wicklow is one of Ireland’s true scenic treasures with it’s magnificent mountains, tumbling waterfalls and dramatic lakes.

The wild Wicklow Mountains, flanked on both side by rolling hills, are breathtakingly rugged yet accessible at the same time, at only 20 kilometres from Dublin.

West Wicklow is still predominantly agricultural with traditional farmsteads and scattered with archaeological sites. The landscape around the Blessington Lakes and the Glen of Imaal is very similar to West Ireland with narrow roads winding their way past cottages and endless stone walls.

Film Drives:
Drive through Wicklow’s stunning landscape:

We are lucky to have 2 state of the art studios in Wicklow – Ardmore Studios in Bray, Ireland’s only four-wall studio and the recently opened Ashford Film Studios. Famous films shot in Ardmore include Veronica Guerin, Angela’s Ashes, Braveheart and Breakfast on Pluto and of course the ever popular TV series The Tudors. Ashford Film Studios has 3 studio stages and is run of enviornmentally friendly power – a truly modern building! The Vikings, a 10 part series for The History Channel is currently being filmed here.

Browse through the list of the films & TV series that have been produced in Co. Wicklow below. Why not take some time to travel along the various Film Drives and see for yourself why the Garden County is so popular with filmmakers!

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