Glen of The Downs Nature Reserve

Glen of the Downs, Wicklow

Glen of The Downs Nature Reserve is also known as Bellevue. The Reserve is the finest example of oak wood of it’s type close to Dublin. It is largely Sessile Oak with an understorey of Holly and a dense carpet of Woodrush, Bilberry and Heather. The woods abound in birdlife and 21 breeding species have been recorded here. Each bird species occupies a distinct niche in the woodland having different feeding and nesting habits. Some, like the Jay, have a varied diet which includes berries and nuts while others such as Treecreepers and  Wrens have largely insect based diet. The Wood Warbler builds on the ground, whereas the Woodpigeon prefers a platform of twigs up in the tree canopy. Birds such as the Blackbird and the Robin, are fiercely territorial and defend their feeding and nesting patch by singing and chasing off intruders.

Access the car park of the Nature Reserve from the N11 going South, just before Delgany exit.

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