Brittas Bay

Brittas Bay Heritage Trail & St Patrick’s Landing – Ireland’s Ancient East

Pure Mile Water ( Brittas Bay ) Heritage Trail

The Forgotten Monastery – A Birth Place of Christianity In Ireland

There are a number of historical references to St Patrick’s landing at Three Mile Water, Brittas Bay. In addition to this an important monastic site was founded here. It was second to Glendalough & possibly older & is the burial place of St Baithin it’s abbot.

He was the successor to St Columba who brought Christianity to Scotland. The first Inis Baithin was said to be on an island & was washed away in a storm. But the continuation of the monastery from the 6th century is the old graveyard at Three Mile Water complete with its boundary wall which all monasteries would have had to keep the Vikings out. There would also have been a scriptorium here for the drawing of manuscripts. It would have been a place of learning & the monks would have been from noble families & spoke Latin & Gaelic.
There is also evidence that there may have been a pilgrim path between Inis Baithin monastery and Glendalough.  Welcome to Ireland’s Ancient East

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