Jason Turner’s exhibition ‘Singing in the Air’

12th February 2020 @ 9:30 am
Tinahely Courthouse
Jason Turner’s exhibition 'Singing in the Air' @ Tinahely Courthouse

Jason Turner


“Singing in The Air”

opens Friday 31st January 2pm – 5pm

closes 21st February

Jason Turner’s exhibition Singing in the Air is his first solo presentation of paintings of birds. It brings
together a body of work set into motion in 2014 by an inquisitive fascination for these creatures of the sky.

Turner first began his creative career in Kingsriver Community where he pursued the art of willow weaving
and wood carving before becoming a member of the KCAT Studio in 2006. Since joining the KCAT Studio,
painting has formed the basis of Turner’s practice. He has exhibited in both national and international
contexts, and currently has work touring Ireland as part of a major group exhibition Together Now. Over the
years, Turner has explored a variety of themes ranging from abstraction to figurative skyscapes of the solar
systems, developing an intuitive and strong handling of the medium.
In 2014, Jason took a decisive turn in his practice and began using painting as a means to explore various
species of birds, a direction inspired by childhood memories of his foster father keeping pigeons. Jason’s
father came from a tradition of keeping pigeons, a family trait that he was keen to honour in his painting.
Jason is meticulous in his approach and keeps a written record of all birds examined. The act of painting
provides Jason with a freedom to examine the anatomy and dynamic foliage of birds. The paintings also
engage with the personalities of his chosen feathered subjects, by capturing moments that illuminate their
temperament, psyche and nature. The result is that his paintings embody a spectrum of marks, textures,
colours and observations that are a lyrical ode to these beautiful animals.
Singing in the Air provides an insight into Jason’s expansive study of birds, drawing our attention to birds
that are found in our everyday environment, that we may often overlook.
“I can’t tell you the way I paint, I would have to show you. This my approach to painting” states the artist.

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