In Syria/ Insyriated (Cert: Club)

6th November 2017 @ 8:00 pm
In Syria/ Insyriated (Cert: Club)

Set over 24 hours in a besieged Damascus apartment building, the remaining tenants have barricaded themselves inside as they wait out the nearing conflict. Opening with a young father leaving to make arrangements for his family to flee to the Lebanon only to be hit by a sniper in the car park, the witnesses decide not to tell his wife and tension is forged from the offset.  As the hours pass the external threats creep closer and internal recriminations and panic escalate.  A timely, gripping and human portrayal of the reality of war for ordinary people.

Language: Arabic (English subtitles)

Short film DOUBLE OR NOTHING will be screened prior to In Syria as part of the First Monday series
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