Meet Santa’s Reindeer @ Kilquade Arboretum

17th November 2018 all-day
Kilquade Arboretum
Arboretum Kilquade The National Garden Exhibition Centre
Arboretum, The National Garden Exhibition Centre, Kilquade, Co. Wicklow
Meet Santa's Reindeer @ Kilquade Arboretum @ Kilquade Arboretum | County Wicklow | Ireland

Take a peek at how Santa’s reindeer’s are preparing for this Christmas at Arboretum

Santa’s Reindeer are resting up at Arboretum Wicklow before their busiest night of the year. They love a bit of company though so please drop in to say hi and wish them luck for their voyage. From 17th November to 20th December Dasher and Dancer will be in Wicklow and we’ll be taking great care to make sure that they’re ready to go when Christmas comes.

This activity is free of charge.   For more information visit

And just in case you’re wondering …

They are fed twice daily to supplement their grazing with a hard feed rich in vitamins and minerals and with various fruits and vegetables. They have ample fresh water, which is refreshed daily. They are vaccinated and wormed. They are very content, and most are quite happy to be fussed. While at Arboretum their food is monitored and limited, so as not to over feed. They are cleaned frequently. They enjoy the company of people as well as other deer. If any of the reindeer show any kind of stress or ill health they will immediately be taken home and given any treatment they require.

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